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    MRC main products include Light Pole,Aluminum Light Pole,Lamp pole,Street Lighting Pole,Flagpole,Fences,Gates. In China, MRC is the first manufacturer bringing in modern spinning technology to produce aluminum alloy poles. With steel poles in the domestic-oriented lighting industry, the emergence of aluminum poles undoubtedly represent as advanced, distinguished and elegant material unexampled. Aluminum light pole in the United States and Europe is a very mature product, such as France, Poland, the Netherlands and so on . Now MRC brings aluminum poles technology into China, it will completely change the aluminium pole unfavorable sale situation in China rising from high prices abroad and long delivery cycle. For safety reasons, now EU has a mandatory requirement: the light poles have to be aluminum alloy material, which is implemented step by step. It is because when a moving vehicle collide the aluminum pole, aluminum pole will bend homeopathicly, so that vehicles can be a buffer, the car will not stop in an instant and people in car will not fly out from the window. And as virtue of the aluminum pole tenacity, passengers will not be injured from fracture . if same situation occurred in the steel poles, the results is quite different. Aluminum also has a high environmental protection and can be 100% recovery, and the melting temperature of aluminium is much lower than steel to call of the world's energy-saving emission reduction. Aluminum poles, with its smooth lines, clear and delicate surface, various and anti-corrosion surface treatment, environmental protection, safety features, and so on, will certainly bring immense market opportunities and get more and more recognized from customers.

    MRC will base on the quality, innovative idea, to offer sophisticated, unique, safe, environmentally friendly aluminum pole products and timely, professional, cordial human services.

    Developed machines and strict producing process ensure MRC lighting poles' stable quality and remarkable using experience. MRC will stick to developing our technology and improve our service.

    MRC factory in Nanjing, the production base for MRC aluminum lamp pole
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