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    Product Name: Flag post
    Model Number: M-NT-SF18
    Brand Name: MRC
    Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
    Certificate: ISO9001:2000
    Place of Origin: Jiangsu Province, China
    ?Port of Loading: Shanghai Port
    Unit Price: Negotiable
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    How to Flag Pole, Flags pole.
    MRC is a professional manufacturer of aluminum flag poles, stainless steel flagpoles,  and successfully became the flagpole supplier of :

    ◆ Atlantis the Palm Hotel Dubai
    ◆ The 1st Youth Olympic Games Singapore
    African Union Conference Center
    ◆ The 26th World University Games

    Flags pole

    MRC flagpole, which is energy-saving and has smooth surface, has various surface treatment to make the pole more beautiful in appearance. The flagpole also has some patented technologies with independent intellectual property rights, such as internal halyard system, revolving truck, pneumatic device, automatic electric system, national anthem device and the hinged base plate, making the process of assembling more convenient; The hanging rod makes no noise with un-touching the pole; The flag turns more flexible with rotating of the revolving truck. The automatic electric system and the automatic national anthem device can meet customers' needs. The flagpole looks tall and magnificent.
    About MRC aluminum flagpoles: with superior quality, excellent performance and beautiful appearance, the products of MRC are pursued by a large quantity of customers, and have become the first choice for projects in party and government, enterprises, military units, schools, stadiums and residential areas. Adhering to the principle of "ensure the good quality for the brand, provide best service to customers ", MRC make effort to become a world famous brand, and it is spoken highly by government, mainstream media and the public.

    The specifications of stainless steel flagpoles are as follows:
    Material: Stainless steel
    Height: 3m-60mm
    Thickness: 2.5mm-8mm
    Category: Tapered flagpole & Banner flagpole & Wall flagpole
    Surface treatment: brush & Fluorocarbon coating & Polyester powder coating

    MRC  Stainless  Steel  Tapered Flagpole
    Item The  standard  height  (m) The  diameter  (mm) The  suggestion  of  specification  of  flags  (cm)
    Top  diameter  (mm) Bottom  diameter  (mm)
    SSF1 8-8.5 80 165 3#  128x192
    SSF2 12-12.8 208 3#  128x192
    SSF3 15-15.8 238 2#  160x240
    SSF4 16-16.8 248 2#  160x240
    SSF5 18-18.8 268 1#  192x288
    SSF6 20-20.8 288 1#  192x288
    SSF7 21-21.8 298 1#  192x288
    SSF8 22-22.8 308 1#  192x288

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